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About Us

SMOOTH Electrolysis Studio is owned and operated by Patti Jenkins.

 Having PCOS, Patti personally experienced the embarrassment of excessive facial and body hair, and the toll it can take on your self-esteem. After trying various hair removal methods, electrolysis was the only thing that worked for her. It made such a drastic improvement, that she wanted to provide this service to others.  As a registered nurse, Patti brings her knowledge and compassion to create an environment in which clients are secure and comfortable. 



We provide electrolysis using Thermolysis and Blend modalities.  We can treat any color hair – even white, grey, blonde, and red.  Any color skin tone can be safely treated with electrolysis. The most common areas of treatment are upper lip, chin, sideburns, eyebrows, breasts, underarms, abdomen and ears.

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Electrolysis is the ONLY FDA-approved method of permanent hair removal.

A very fine probe (the same thickness as the hair) is inserted into the natural opening of the hair follicle. A tiny amount of electrical current is then applied, which destroys the hair growth cells. The hair can then easily slide out of the hair follicle.

With a skilled electrologist, there should be no sensation when the probe is being inserted into the hair follicle. We are not piercing the skin.  The technical advances of our equipment allow us to deliver the electrical current so quickly that you minimally feel it.  Hydrated skin and hair follicles make the treatment much more comfortable. Drinking plenty of water, and avoiding caffeine the day of your treatment helps with sensitivity.  Some clients are more sensitive than others, and will be supplied with numbing cream if they wish.

Each hair typically needs to be treated several times before it is permanently eliminated. Hairs grow in cycles, and they are effectively destroyed when they are treated in the active anagen stage. To catch the hairs in anagen, you will need to follow the treatment schedule that your electrologist recommends.